End of April 2024, Niš | Faculty of Philosophy, University of Niš

Contemporaneity promises policies and programs, action plans and legislation that ensure equal opportunities and address circumstances leading us towards equity. In theory, the Western world has reached an unprecedented consensus on issues such as gender equality, race, social policies against poverty, children’s rights, etc. Yet, the crises marking the beginning of the twenty-first century testify to the institutional failure to ensure the enforcement of such laws and policies, but also uncover voices of dissent. Moreover, legacies of the past find innumerable ways of remaining in the present, either as forces countering progress, or preventing it from going into new extreme practices in less extreme examples of the clash between values, but maintaining status quo. Discourse on these sensitive issues has become a matter of political positioning and a space where visions of the future are juxtaposed – a battlefield of ideologies, old and new. Caught between the fire of progressive and conservative currents are individuals whose circumstances combine to create grounds for different modes of discrimination and privilege based on class, race, gender and sex, sexuality, religion, disability, ethnicity, etc.

Language, Literature, Intersectionality 2024 deals with the concept of intersectionality as manifested in literature, language, culture and the discourse. The conference will host panels exploring the discourses on intersectional identities, gender and gender equality (and equity), gender sensitive language, oppression and privilege, disability and language, disability and class, language and class, dialect, regional literatures and class, nationality, race, as well other theoretical discussions pertaining to intersectionality.

The panel list with topics will be announced in June 2023.

First Call for Papers for LLC 2024: June 2023

Abstract Submission Deadline: 30th September 2023. Notifications of acceptance by mid-October.


Early Bird discount for Conference Fee Payments 20th October to 20th December will be available. 

Payment deadline: 1st March 2024. 

Book of Abstracts will be published by mid-March 2024. Conference Program and Panel Schedules will be posted by end of March 2024.