There are several options available for international visitors that wish to reach Niš by plane. Constantine the Great Airport, located in the outskirts of the city, is the airport closest to Niš and offers regular flights to and from Berlin, Bratislava, Vienna, Rome, Malmo, Bologna, Salzburg, Nuremberg and other locations with airlines provided by Air Serbia, Wizz Air and Ryan Air. The airport is connected with the city via a regular bus line, 34A, which departs from the airport roughly every 30 minutes.

Other airports that are conveniently near Niš are Belgrade Airport, Sofia Airport and Skopje airport. Belgrade and Niš are connected via regular bus lines with buses departing approximately every hour. Sofia and Skopje are also connected with Niš via regular bus lines.

If you are arriving at Constantine the Great Airport in Niš, there are several options available to you.

In order to reach the main bus station in Niš, you can take the 34A bus line departing from the airport every half an hour (blue line on the map). Continuing on from the main bus station, you can either take bus line 3 and exit the bus after one station or simply walk to the faculty building (red line on the map).

Alternatively, you can walk to the faculty building.

There are several licensed taxi services in Niš that can be called at any time. Licensed taxi services have cars with license plates that end in TX. In order to avoid possible scams and overcharging, make sure to look out for the licensed services. Here is a short list of trustworthy taxi services in Niš:

1. Bros Tax Niš: 00381 18 4155541

2. Eko Taxi: 00381 18 309700

3. Naissus Taxi: 00381 60 0299222

4. Lux Taxi: 00381 18 599599

5. City Taxi: 00381 800 000022

6. Prvi Taxi: 00381 18 4500 005